Mobile car check

Buy a car the smart way. Smart people gets their cars checked before buying.

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect car can be thrilling, but ensuring that your potential new ride is as reliable as it is appealing is crucial.

Our Pre-Purchase Mobile Car Check and Diagnostic service is your safeguard against surprises, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle before investing. 

Why Opt for a Pre-Purchase Check and Diagnostic? 

Cutting-Edge Technology: with the latest diagnostic tools we uncover as many issues as possible that might not be apparent during a standard visual inspection or test drive. 

Convenience and Comfort: we come to the car’s location, saving you time and providing peace of mind. Sit back and let us do the groundwork for you. 

Informed Decisions: knowledge is power, especially when purchasing a vehicle. Our thorough inspection gives you the insights you need to make a confident choice. 

Expert Eyes: Our skilled technicians can support your informed decision, by checking several aspects of the car, ensuring no detail is overlooked

Available services for booking

Car Check Service


Body condition

Engine health check 

Tyre condition

Suspension condition

Interior condition



Coolant and air flow

Car Diagnostic


Test your cars electrical systems

Price valid in 20 miles radius from NW4 4BT. For different distances we will provide the actual price.

Payment is accepted on the location before the diagnostic/check-up.

Payment methodes:


bank transfer Bela Kerekgyarto, account number 59592804, sort code 04-00-03

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